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Field Agent

As Field Agent I often take part of larger operations like #DippinGate.
Updates on ops that I have taken part of or have managed will be shared via my
Google+ page.





We have many people who are all willing to help you on and off the battlefield.

Feel free to reach out if you need help.

Also make sure to visit the Resistance website.


Ingress is a virtual reality game based on Google maps.
You have to play by moving around through the world.

Within the resistance we fight the Enlightened in order to free

humanity from mind control.



Take up arms and visit the Ingress website here

Join the battle for freedom, join the Resistance.

Want to learn more about Ingress ?
Visit the
Bootcamp for a beginners guide to Ingress.




If you have already done this, you can contact me via Hangouts.

This can be done from my Google+ profile page as well as in Gmail.

Hangouts APP is also available for Android and iOS.




We primary use Google + for communities and events.
In order to easily connect with other agents it is a best practice to

circle them on Google+ before starting a Hangout chat session. 
Visit my
Google+ profile page and circle me.